Saturday, February 9, 2008

When all else fails, babble!

I would like to be here;
I would like to there;
I would like to be everywhere at once!
I know that's a contradiction in terms,
And it's a problem....
Especially when
My body's over forty
And my mind is nearing...ten!

One of the first shows on Broadway that I ever saw was NINE, starring Raul Julia. It was the best musical of nineteen eighty something. The poster is over there, on the wall.

I really liked the musical. It's about a man who just hasn't grown up yet.

Little did I know......

Oh, by the way....that poster over there is an original. I bought it at the Triton Gallery way back in nineteen eighty something. It cost me twelve dollars. I had it framed. I just recently saw that the Triton Gallery is selling reproductions for something like 200 dollars.

Wonder how much mine's worth now.

I mean, seriously, I'm sentimental and all, but.....


Kizz said...

I never knew a thing about the show until the revival a few years ago. It's so bizarre and beautiful!

Gertrude said...

Never seen the show but I love Raul Julia. Santa Lucia from Tequila Sunrise...
What a great actor he was.
Things are worth what people are willing to pay for them.