Thursday, October 10, 2013

Strong start, weak ending. And no cake.

Why are people so interested in the so-called, "End Times?"

It would seem to me that Dylan Thomas' point of view should be the correct one; Rage, Rage against the Dying of the Light.

But instead, we have people in the pulpit, people at the dais, and people on the television almost gleefully referring to the coming of the "End Times."

So, let's do a quick fact check.

The Holy Book of Christians states that No Man Shall Know of it's coming.  And yet, even in this decade, several people have claimed to not only recognize the symptoms of the "End Times" but have on at least two occasions predicted the exact date and time of the Rapture.

Date AND time.

I'm assuming it was in Eastern Standard Time.  But I paused at the moment in every time zone, just to avoid being taken by surprise.

Yeah.  As if I'D be raptured.

The last thing I'd see are a whole slew of nekkid asses, ascending in the Heavens and waving back at me.

I hope at least one has the presence of mind to yell, "So Long, and Thanks For All The Fish!"

And it seems to me that the description in Revelations in The Big Book of Christian Fun paints a ghastly portrait of what is to come in those "End Times".

Apparently, there will be oceans of blood and stinging insects and a war between good and evil that will decimate the planet, and indeed the Universe.

Where's Flash Gordon when you NEED him.

(And yes, I know....Flash's Theme is running through your head RIGHT NOW......FLASH....AH AHHHHH....SAVIOR OF THE UNIVERSE.........)

And some of the people touting the "End Times" are almost gleeful about it's approach; as if, somehow, the knowledge is proof that they are closer to Buddy Christ than the rest of us.  As if being first in line to shed the clothing to rise buttnekkid into the Heavens is the Ultimate Told You So to the rest of us filthy unbelievers.

And I can't help thinking again about how much Jesus really disliked a bragging Christian.

"Hey, everybody!  Look at me PRAY!  Ain't I just DEVOUT?"

Well......I don't necessarily want this sometimes lovely, sometimes rocky party to end, but if it must, I wish you all well.  And I'll hold the door for you.

But I'm not ready for Heaven just yet.

But honestly, if I needed to sacrifice a few days down here to get away from that annoying Steve Doocy, then Rapture away.