Saturday, February 8, 2014

Leaky Boat, But Still Seaworthy

It's kind of like working in a leaky boat.

You plug one leak, and up pops another leak.

You start out kinda feeling cocky and smart, admiring the creativity and panache of the repairs.

And after that, you stop thinking about it, and just become a plug making machine.

So, to catch you up......

I did two nights of auditions, on Feb 2 and 3.  As  you can probably guess, I was way light on men on the 2nd, due to the ass whoopin' that a Seahawk put down on a Bronco.

As Facebook said, "Not since the OJ Simpson chase has America been so disappointed in a slow white Bronco."

But here's one of those truly gratifying moments; I could've cast it with the people that showed up.

And then it was like standing room only on the 3rd.

And that night, I had a cast; a good cast for what I want to do with it.  A combination of people I've worked with, people I've seen work, and complete strangers.

The things I wish to make known to them.  The play is iconic, of course.  But the performances don't have to follow in footsteps, no matter how LARGE they are.  I wasn't looking for Newman, or Taylor, or Ives.  I was looking for people that epitomize the lack of communication, the outright and subtle lies we tell each other and ourselves, and the idea that on this night of celebration and announcement and beginnings and does go on.

And, if not in real life, but in the drama......realization of truth leads to better days.

So.  One hole plugged.

Then, a young one decides that the role just isn't what he's looking for.  Yes, you know what I mean.

So, now I'm looking to fill.  And I can't just fill the hole with the first available actor; this may be a small role within the scheme of things, but truly, everything in this damned play is a theme, or an image or had to be specific.

Took me two days, but I found what I needed.

Another hole filled.

And then, on Friday, I was informed that the job I applied for MONTHS mine.

It's a good job in the same organization; but the hours are human and it plays into my strengths as an educator and a person who is comfortable in front of large groups of people.

Schedule changes and the need to be out of town at inconvenient times.

Another hole.  Not quite filled yet.

Another interview today; another possibility.  One that I am invested in in the theory of it, but detached in the practice.  It's kind of like sitting outside an audition space with 25 other actors and looking around, seeing you're the oldest guy in the room and you realize that the feeling in your stomach that you automatically label as "nerves" can actually be turned into "laser-focus" with a well-placed and heartfelt, "F*** THIS!"

Nothing frees you up like a good, old fashioned, "F*** THIS!"

So, I may not get the job; but I will certainly make sure everybody brings their A game; and I get an allotted period of time to speak my truth.

Another hole.

So, here I am, sitting at my computer, watching a commercial for Red Lobster wondering why they call the place Red Lobster when all they seem to advertise is Shrimp (which, to my mind, is bait); and then I realize that calling the place Red Shrimp isn't going to bring folks out, and I've been awake for far longer than any man my age should be.

I wonder if there's any cake......