Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bye for now.

My writing as of late has been limited to simple status updates and the occasional comment on a friend's page.

I no longer really care to speak.  Or write.

Or care.

The world went mad a while ago; and it's done nothing remotely close to an attempt to heal, or even so much as understand what the disease seems satisfied to continue to hurl abuse at the symptoms.

Infusing us in self and vain conceit, as if this flesh that walls about our life were brass impregnable.

So...I am going to put up the "gone fishin'" sign for awhile, and let nature take its course.

Good luck to us all.

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Spirit Moved Me.

I recently received what is basically a chain email, stating the following:

This morning on the Today Show, Matt Lauer interviewed one of the wives of one of the Navy Seals killed in Benghazi. he asked her what she would say to her children about their Dad and how she would want them to remember him....she said, and I quote, "He love for Christ" and then continued with a few other things....through out the day on the MSN homepage...when the story is replayed they have edited the "Love of Christ" part out....

Why?  Because using the word Christ might offend someone...well I am a Christian and I am offended!  Offended that they would edit it out.  Offended that we as Christians are asked to tread lightly so as not to offend someone of another religion.

I think anyone who missed the original broadcast this morning should know what NBC has done.  This man loved his country and loved his God and gave his life for both, just as Christ gave His life for him...

Please feel free to copy this and forward it to everyone on your email list. There are emails that go around saying, "If you believe in God" then forward this...well I am starting one right here, right now..I am not ashamed of God but I am becoming ashamed of my country...It is time to take a stand.

Please GOD, have mercy on us and help us all.

But let's do a little research....

It wasn't yesterday that the Today Show interviewed the wife of the brave man who gave his life for his country...and he wasn't killed in Benghazi.

His named was Aaron Vaughn and he was killed on August 6, 2011 in Afghanistan, along with 29 of his brothers-in-arms, when the helicopter they were in was shot down by Taliban fighters.

And his Love of Christ is intact as well; the interview on the Today show was not edited in any way on either the MSNBC site or the MSN homepage.

My point is this:  Why are Christians so eager to appear oppressed?

Especially when there is so much real oppression going on, right now.

I don't blame the person who sent this to me. I blame the person who created it.

A Karl Rovian Christian.

And then this morning, I saw that a group of Atheists in Florida have erected a monument to their disbelief next to a monument of the Ten Commandments.

And that, my friends, gives me hope for this country.