Saturday, February 16, 2008

Things I've learned today....

Today I learned that "Corned Beef" is actually named for the curing process of the brisket.

Today I learned that San Quentin prison was named for a prisoner, and not an actual saint. This knowledge is up for some debate, however.

Today I learned that you can actually become so tired of hearing bad news that you want to resign from the human race completely.

Today, I learned that every so often, it is entirely permissible to lay on the couch and read. Just read.

Today I learned that two of my favorite authors are, in fact, faking it now.

Today I learned that my wife considers Valentine's Day to be a week-long event.

Imagine what I'm going to learn tomorrow.


Kizz said...

Big day! Which authors?

Historiclemo said...

Clive Cussler and Stephen King. I have a feeling both of them have this large trunk of stuff they wrote years ago, but considered it to crappy to release. And now...

But I buy them, so who's the idiot?