Monday, February 4, 2008

It's snowing.....

And I've been out to shovel it twice today. I know, I asked for it. And we're desperately short of the white stuff, and we need to think about the spring planting.

Watched the Super Bowl last night. A good game, a very good game. I didn't really have a stake in the game, mind you.....I would have liked to see the Patriots run the table, but the Giants (and particularly their quarterback) have been getting a bum deal in the press, and it's good to see a wild-card team come out of nowhere and put the rock upside Goliath's head.

I didn't even mind the halftime show. Tom Petty can still rock, people. Even though he looks like something dug up in Egypt, he can still play.

And it was a hell of a lot better than Timberlake.

Somebody setting themselves on fire is a hell of a lot better than Timberlake.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, I'm starting a grass-roots movement to get a Super Bowl in Green Bay. I'm doing this because it's time that the game came back to the GAME. I'm tired of the celebrities in the stands who have no interest in the game, and I'm ornery that people actually have to pay hundreds to THOUSANDS of dollars to see the game. Lambeau Field in February would separate the men from the boys....and why should the most important game of the year be played in perfect weather, when weather is a part of the game itself?

So, join me in petitioning the NFL to give a game to Green Bay.

AND...speaking of Super things....

Super Tuesday is tomorrow.....and we got Caucuses here. And, I have to admit, I'm not sure which way to fall on this subject. For me, all the candidates are...well....not for me. And I've never been comfortable with the whole, "lesser of two evils" thing. I've got some thinking to do before tomorrow morning.

Still snowing.

Think I'll just sip my coffee and look out the window.

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Kizz said...

Someone asked me today if I'd decided who to vote for and I said, "Yes. No. Well, maybe. We'll see." And I meant it. I'm trying really hard not to vote from fear or from anything negative or just to try to be on the winning side, just trying to vote with my person and that is proving difficult.