Thursday, February 7, 2008

Another Thursday....

Random thoughts:

Have you ever begun reading a book (without the benefit of a pre-reading of some review or recommendation) and realized right around chapter three that it all seems eerily familiar?

My wife does this regularly. She's addicted to books, primarily mystery/suspense with a twist of the Anglo, but she has no real retention. So, I find myself picking through the paperbacks she has recently purchased and tell her, "you've read that one, and we have that one downstairs in the library." And then she swats me with something heavy.

I hate it when it happens to me. Just recently, I picked up a copy of Michael Crichton's EATERS OF THE DEAD. And after just fifteen pages, realized I was reading his version of BEOWULF. Having read the original (oh, yes, I am oh so literate....) I was angry at first. And then, I realized it was a homage, and that made it more palatable.

Not a bad read. For a knockoff.

It's tax time.
Piles of paper to the left of me, receipts to my right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you......

I haven't spoken of Super Tuesday. I was shocked about two things:
1. Obama winning in Georgia. AND North Dakota.
2. Clinton winning in California.

I had those two reversed.
Kind of makes me want to opt out of the annual March Madness pool.

This weekend is the UPTA's in Memphis TN. For those of you who don't know, it's the first big regional cattle call audition, and it was always one of my favorite places to go. Don't get me wrong, it can be a nerve shattering experience, and you find yourself busting your ass for about sixteen hours just to hook a job or two, but after get this great opportunity to catch up with old friends, listen to some music, and eat some ribs.

I always loved that whole ritual of preparing for the audition, getting yourself wound up for that 90 seconds of glory. The last time I was there, I got good laughs in the monologue, and some solid jobs.

As time passes like a ping pong ball through my intestines, I continue to wonder how I can think in my head that I'm still in my twenties (a long stretch there, kiddies), and have the nerve to look shocked when I see myself in the mirror. Or photographs. Where the hell did that bald spot come from? I SWEAR that these clothes fit yesterday!


Auditions always made me feel young.
It's life that makes you feel old.

If you ever watched the television show QUANTUM LEAP, you'll know that the main character, Sam Beckett, always described time as a string, balled up in the universe's hands. So, you're never far away from the past, or the future, and in some cases, past, present, and future can actually combine....although I think knot.

Get it? String? Knot?

That's the way my life seems to feel....that the past, and the future, and the present, are really, really close.

And yet, when I ask other people, they talk about "ancient history."
Ain't ancient to me.
It was yesterday.
1980 was yesterday.
1988 was yesterday.
1969 was yesterday.
Yesterday, though, was two weeks ago, and tomorrow is probably scheduled for next month.

How does one live in this head?


Kizz said...

Ouch! (Just slapped my knee over that knot thing.)

Wow, UPTAs are this weekend. Makes me feel almost guilty that I'm not there. Wonder if there'll be tornado-related trouble, I hear the area is in a bad way.

Gertrude said...

I suspect you live as most of us do.
You read like a very loving husband and a wonderful writer.
You are well read.
Not many people even consider Michael a writer.
Most think Steven wrote Jurassic Park.
I admire that you still have the capacity to remember what makes you feel young and try to embrace it.
I seem to be stuck on what makes me feel old. And I honestly cannot remember...