Monday, August 1, 2011

I'm sad as hell, and I'm not gonna take it... until next Thursday.....

Good morning.

I spent my weekend playing a game of "Much Ado About Nothing"; we in this particular branch tend to make mountains out of molehills, treat everybody as a suspect, and generally turn a small thing into a big thing at the drop of a hat, just to show off our little bit of power.

I work in a kind of evil Twilight Zone.  And those that know me have often commented on the fact that it's tainted me on a basic level.

But it's all about the mountain and the molehill, isn't it?

Case in point:  This country has been in debt, more or less, since 1791.  The only President that DIDN'T raise the debt ceiling was Harry Truman.  The people screaming about debt now are the same ones who were shouting DOWN the people screaming about the debt when the Republican was in office, spending billions of dollars of day fighting his Daddy's war.

Yes, I'm being superficial.  The specifics of things make my head ache.

I wonder, though, from a strictly fantastical point of view.....if the Tea Party Conservatives are sure in their belief that we are a Christian Nation, and at the same time are willing to sacrifice the poor and elderly in this country by cutting funding to welfare, and medicaid, and are willing to risk the health of women everywhere by cutting funding to Planned Parenthood....then they need to either re-think their label, or they need to re-read the NEW TESTAMENT, and leave the OLD TESTAMENT alone for awhile.

Four hundred years ago, a playwright wrote, "he jests at scars that never felt a wound."  How true, and how sadly consistent is the human race.  Those that are well fed and well housed and healthy seem to hate those that truly need assistance.  And those that truly need assistance are often lumped in with those liars and thieves that are twice damned for their machinations, taking the bread from those that truly need it.

And the government seems to be capable of nothing more than 'dumb show and noise.'

Watching CNN is liking taking a knife in the heart.
Watching FOX is like a sledgehammer to the head.

Watching PBS is like sitting a tasteless banquet.

I've managed to depress myself.

Which isn't hard these days.

Did I start this with, "Good Morning?"

I meant to say, "At least the sun came up.  THIS time."

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Gertrude said...

Heidi Fleiss is on Animal Planet. From Prostitutes to Parrots. That should lighten your mood. Its hysterical.
I heart Harry Truman. I talk to him about as often as I talk to God.
"Harry can you do something about these ass monkeys from where you are?"
I am certain he can.
Happy Belated Birthday too... because I missed saying it. And I haven't forgotten that I missed saying it since.