Friday, July 3, 2015

So, anyway.....

It's been a few days short of a year since I picked up my cyber pen to write something.

Blogs come and go; I know this to be true, because I have a list of blogs I used to follow that have been fallow longer than my year.

I suppose it depends upon why somebody chooses to write in the first place.  Some people have a need to get the stuff in their head out of their head; some people have lived interesting lives and have a small kernel of ego, enough to want to place these stories in a venue that will, perhaps, protect them. 

And some just have a lot of pictures of sh*t that they ate.  To each his own; and as the current Pope has said, "Who am I to Judge?"

To start with, I kinda wrote on a dare.  Then, after a while, I wrote because I needed to describe some people that have left me behind on their way to Angel Avenue.  And then, people started asking my opinion, which is ridiculous, and I began to write them, which is even MORE ridiculous.

And then, I went through a phase of "I'm no better than the guy who's posting pictures of last night's dinner.

So I stopped.

I have a few more stories to tell, I think.  There has been a bit of calcium decay in the old cranium, and when the stalagmites wear away, memories return.  So, perhaps that explains the sudden appearance.

Still have a job.  And it's been my responsibility to take part in the "Great Correction" following the "Very Public Whipping" the organization has endured.  And rightly endured.  And I'm making the kind of headway you may expect; trying to force back the tide without actually being Moses.

Did a play.  Didn't enjoy it.  Decided to take a sabbatical.

Have reconciled myself to not playing Hamlet.

Applied for two teaching positions; didn't even get interviews.  Guess my resume really sucks.

Lost a friend.

And kept hearing this quote over and over in my head the past week or so:

"Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you'll know tomorrow."

Five years ago, people didn't have the ability to seek effective medical treatment because they couldn't afford it.  Ten days ago, all Americans did not have the right to wed whom they desired.

Imagine what's going to happen.....tomorrow.


Misti Ridiculous said...

Imagine what will happen tomorrow. It's so true isn't it? I've been thinking backwards this week. Saw our friend Mike Bradecich yesterday and went through all of The Touring Years memories. What if I hadn't said yes to that? What if I would've never met you or Kizz or Dion or Mike or Abby or any of us. It reminds me to be hopeful and say yes to what happens tomorrow.
I'm glad you wrote today.

Kizz at 117 Hudson said...

I'm glad you wrote several days ago. I'm glad I read today. I"m glad Misti said what she said above. I co-sign all of it.