Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The ramble that comes at two am; it's not pretty, but you can't....stop....typing.

I'm not really sure what the rules are, here. I am pretty sure that I'm not supposed to be writing.....but it's just about two am, and I've really run out of things to do.

Rest easy, America. For tonight, the country is safe. As far as I know.

And by the way, Change is being delivered in a Tea Bag. I always thought that the term "tea bag" was a euphemism for....shall we way....something else?

Is it the GOP's contention that the American people are taking it to the face?

Can you tell I've been watching just a little too much MSNBC?

I love the idea that the Republicans in one sentence say that they are not looking backwards anymore...and three minutes later, bring up the ever present spectre of Ronald Reagan.

I laughed all the way to the coffee machine. It's an IV.

I am currently in a six story building. I'm on the six floor, by the way, and the windows looking out over the city of Bismarck are very small. If I turn just ever so, I can see the Capital Building. There is nobody else in the building at this point, although I suspect that there are some financiers down on three, manning computers with which to watch the Asian markets. I'm pretty sure they choose the third floor, because they can only maim and not die from the windows down there. And the fact that the windows are very small....well, I'm too tired to beat this horse.


I just saw this commercial about some kind of recovery/treatment center. They make it look like a kind of paradise. Makes me wish I hadn't stopped the drinking and the drugs when I did....seriously, I wonder why I put myself through hell by myself in rat trap apartments, surrounded by ghosts and so-called friends who really only wanted me to pick up the tab....I could've had a pretty comfortable bed, with gourmet meals....and is that a pool?

Oh, and by the way....when I was drying out, only the rich could afford that kind of thing.....for the rest of us, we were just weak-willed slackers who deserved everything we got for being so stupid as to drown our pain in vodka and coke.

I have to tell you, I hate this shift.

It makes me miss the vodka.

But not the coke. The coke was painful.

To conclude:

If you are using good vodka in that Screwdriver, it's a criminal waste of good vodka.
If you are using cheap vodka in that Screwdriver, it's a criminal waste of good Orange Juice.

I trust you all slept well.


Kizz said...

That's why I only mix champagne and OJ.

Why do you have to watch just Faux News? Can you tell us without having to kill us?

Gertrude said...

I drink enough to make up for what you don't. I am your carbon footprint.
I wonder what in the hell your doing. I am glad you are keeping us safe from the Reds though.
Let us know when to get under our desks.

Historiclemo said...

During "business hours" (and our business is a 24/7 business), the television has to be turned to a news program. Believe it or not, the programming of choice for the Federal government is FAUXNEWS. I assume that it comes from being deluded between the years '00 and '08.